Our Services

The Company’s Scope of Services covers all phases of implementing engineering and management of industrial projects outlined as follows:
  • Detail Design & Preparation of Material Take Off
  • Material Procurement, Inspection & Approval Services
  • Construction Supervision & Management
  • Tender Documents & Contract Engineering
  • Process Design & Preliminary Engineering
  • Technical Assistance for Pre-Commissioning & Start Up Of Projects
  • Engineering & Management Contractor (EMC) of Large Industrial Complexes
  • Training of The Client Personnel for Plant Operation
We know our primary task of PMC as assist the project management team in implementation and overall management of the project and generally we will carry out the following key functions:
  1. Establish project organization and provide necessary orientation and training the project staff especially regards to establishing procedures for procurement of works, services and equipment of the project.
  2. Preparing all component of the project and guide the project implementation units in preparing for and implementing the project.
  3. Ensure and monitor implementation of the project carried out by the project implementation units.
  4. Submit regular report as required for the project.
  5. Provide training and assistance to project management unit in coordination project activities.
  6. Carry out project planning involving initial updating of the project schedule.
  7. Engineering document control and issuing required reports.
  8. Ensure availability of necessary resources and equipment for project management unit for successful and efficient project implementation.
  9. Establish quality assurance and control procedures (QA and QC) and monitor QA and QC throughout project implementation period.
  10. Monitor project progress and carry out necessary reporting.
  11. Be responsible for budget, cost control and necessary reporting and coordination with relevant parties of the project.
  12. Project risk assessment and mitigation measures.
  13. Develop comprehensive project implementation plan.
  14. Preparation of schedules and procedures for monitoring and control.
  15. Tender document preparation.
  16. Supervise and monitor subcomponent construction progress and ensure quality and timeless of deliverables/ output.
  17. Prepare a comprehensive commissioning plan for each sub project.
In two scopes of project management and business management we offer consulting and training services including Project management services:
  1. Agency Construction Management (locally called MC) ,PMC
  2. Project Management Organization and Methodology Development
  3. Project Management Information Systems Development
  4. Engineering Management
  5. Construction Supervision & Management
  6. Procurement Management
  7. Project Planning & Control
  8. Feasibility Studies and Project Pre-planning
  9. Project Management Knowledge & Standards Training
  10. Contract Administration & Management
  1. Strategic Planning Assistance
  2. Functional Planning Assistance
  3. Organizational Design/Restructuring Assistance
  4. Information Systems Development Assistance
  5. Reengineering Implementation Assistance
  6. HSEQ Systems Implementation Assistance
  7. Troubleshooting